Moving Forward7/29/2019

Moving Every Life Forward

Dear Friends and Neighbors, 

This morning the COTA Board of Trustees took a bold and important step to address the future mobility landscape of our region when they adopted COTA’s 2019-2024 Strategic Plan. Under the vision statement “Moving Every Life Forward,” the plan is a roadmap of how COTA will address growth through unmatched service delivery, leading edge technology, and collaborative solutions. I encourage you to read the plan, which can be found here.

A strategic plan does not typically draw attention outside of an organization. However, the role COTA plays in the community; and, because our strategic direction directly impacts the quality of life of so many people, suggests many should be aware of where we are headed in the next half decade.

You’ll see woven throughout the plan purposeful guiding principles which ensure the customer is at the center of strategic and operational decision making. It underlines the value of COTA as an economic development tool for the entire region, and the importance of our commitment to corporate engagement in Central Ohio. The plan ensures we are among the best and brightest in the nation when it comes to tackling growth, congestion and sustainability.

What I hope stands out to you is our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion. Input gathered from our COTA team, board of trustees, and key community leaders steered us toward this important direction. Our goal at COTA is to be the standard-bearer when it comes to organizations who get equity, diversity and inclusion right.

Equity and inclusion is at the heart of our most recent service launch, COTA Plus. Earlier this month COTA Plus took off as a pilot in Grove City, connecting people to jobs, healthcare, recreation and many other quality of life destinations. We are excited to see how this service is adopted, and many local leaders have raised their hands volunteering their community as COTA Plus’ next stop.

The future of mobility solutions is upon us. We are strategically aligned to deliver service that connects our community in ways never seen before. Watch us as we Move Every Life Forward.


With warmest regards,

Signature of Joanna Pinkerton

Joanna M. Pinkerton
COTA President/CEO

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