Moving Forward11/20/2019

The Journey from Selling a Pass to Moving Lives Forward

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This week we unveiled a new asset to the community with the opening of our Customer Experience Center (CEC). The CEC serves as an enhanced, customer-focused way to engage with COTA. When you walk in the door, you are greeted by a CEC team member who is ready to assist customers from trip planning to fare payment, and everything in between. The goal of the CEC is to move from “selling a pass,” to moving lives forward through an enhanced experience and easier access to mobility. If you find yourself in downtown Columbus, I hope you stop by 33 North High Street and check out the CEC.


Engaging with COTA has never been easier; and we have a team behind our efforts to reach out to you, as well. Mallory Donaldson, who manages Community Relations at COTA, is beginning a “listening tour” exclusively with the not-for-profit community. Her goal is to help us understand where we are engaged, and where we can improve in serving the needs of our amazing non-profit community in Central Ohio. The discoveries will lead us to solutions that ensure mobility is less of a concern for those who need it most. Should Mallory add a stop at your non-profit organization? You can reach her at


COTA provides more than 250,000 rides per year on our Mainstream service for customers whose limitations mean they cannot utilize our expansive fixed route service. Amy Hockman, Director of Mobility Services, oversees this community service, and she is a valuable resource as we strategize on how to serve our region’s aging-in-place population. One of the great tools provided by Amy’s team is ‘travel training’ – an educational outreach tool which helps new customers understand how to use COTA. It is an amazing service that makes an incredible difference in our community. If you, an organization or someone you know could benefit from travel training, please reach out to Mobility at


We are also tuned in to the workforce needs of the corporate community, thanks to our Senior Economic Development Project Manager Michael Loges who works with local economic development organizations and One Columbus to identify corporate and community needs. Michael is an important link between Central Ohio employers and COTA, helping businesses large and small solve issues tied to mobility. We have a growing economy, teeming with jobs ready to be filled, but mobility can be a barrier to filling those jobs.  Increasingly, we are finding employers interested in partnering with us to address workforce access issues. That is where Michael and Team COTA can help. If getting people to your place of work is a challenge, Michael wants to talk with you. Whether you would like to discuss new service needs or guidance on how to structure a mobility benefit for your employees, please contact him by e-mailing


We understand COTA service is a vital asset to the community, and is here to make our region better. I hope you will think of us when mobility challenges are affecting you, a loved one, or your business

With warmest regards,

Signature of Joanna Pinkerton

Joanna M. Pinkerton
COTA President/CEO

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