COTA Named To 2024 Paritylist Of Companies Recognized For Equal Advancement Opportunity Five Years In A Row

The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA) today announced it was again named to 2024 ParityLIST™, recognizing organizations with policies, benefits, and programs to ensure equal advancement opportunities in the workplace.

COTA is one of 37 companies in the United States to make the 2024 list, and it is the fifth time in a row for the transit agency to receive the honor. COTA received a comprehensive assessment covering recruiting, promotion, and compensation practices, as well as specific employee benefits and policies that help to create a level playing field for all. The assessment was based on the evidence-based best practices outlined in the Parity.Org ParityMODEL™.

“COTA is proud to be a people-first organization, both in how we deliver service and treat our valued team members,” said Monica Téllez-Fowler, COTA President/CEO. “We work daily to build an organization that lifts up all employees, from competitive wages and benefits to professional development opportunities. This honor celebrates the effort to deliver growth and advancement to all our hard-working employees who strive to bring crucial service to thousands of Central Ohio customers every day.”

Among COTA’s achievements in equal advancement opportunities include the launch of an industry-leading Paid Family Leave Policy which provides up to 12 weeks of fully paid leave to part-time and full-time employees, a new bargaining contract with TWU Local 208 to improve wages and work-life balance for employees, as well as professional development courses. COTA’s initiatives also include mentorship and job shadowing for women and minorities and tuition reimbursement for all full-time employees earning college degrees or other higher education that helps them advance in their careers.

65% of COTA’s employees are Black, women make up more than 35% of COTA employees. Currently, 62% of COTA’s Board of Trustees and 60% of its leadership team are women and/or people of color.

“Creating a truly level playing field requires a deliberate and sustained effort to dismantle both individual biases and structural inequities that hinder progress,” said Parity.Org President Dina Schenk. “The companies on this year’s ParityLIST are demonstrating a strong commitment to fostering a workplace where everyone has a fair chance to compete and advance in their careers.”

Other organizations receiving this national recognition include PepsiCo, Best Buy, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and The Clorox Company. For a complete list of companies, click here.