Local, State & Federal Policy Agendas


COTA believes in partnership. At every level, COTA is invested in progress. We know that we canand willonly move the Columbus Region forward when we work together with stakeholders equally invested in advancement. Collaboration is part of who we are, and growing opportunity for our entire community is core to why we exist.

Public Policy Agendas 2021-2022

COTA knows we are in a time of change. Our 2021/2022 Local, State, and Federal Public Policy Agendas embrace change, recognizing demographics are shifting, new technologies are on the horizon, and the physical landscape of our region is being reimagined. COTA sees the integral role public transportation’s plays in these evolving dynamics. And, we know that with the right policies in place we will move Central Ohio into the future.

Ultimately, we believe growth will result from focusing on funding, innovation, and regionalism:

  • Funding: Pursue robust state programs and policies that foster improved mobility and transit-supportive development.
  • Innovation: Advance technology policies that enable COTA to more equitably support the mobility needs of the region’s diverse and growing communities.
  • Regionalism: Advocate for state programs, policies, and funding that support projected growth in the region by fostering economic progress, efficient use of resources, and a shared prosperity for all.

Read more about how we are applying these three focuses at a Local, State, and Federal level to move Columbus forward:

Local Policy Agenda
State Policy Agenda
Federal Policy Agenda