Capital Investments

Investing in Our Community’s Future

Steering Funds Toward an Improved Central Ohio

COTA is able to provide better community transit service by maintaining and constructing modern, high-quality facilities. Our capital investments include:

  • Vehicles and vehicle maintenance facilities
  • Shelters, benches and trash bins
  • Park & rides
  • Transit centers
  • High-tech computer and security related systems
  • Other improvements that directly improve the customer experience

Current Investments:

Facility Construction Projects

COTA will prioritize the continued renovation of the Fields and McKinley Avenue bus storage and maintenance facilities. These projects expand CNG fueling capabilities, as well as future electric vehicle charging stations, to support the transition away from diesel coaches and modernizes facilities to account for current and future operations. Facilities construction projects also include a new transit center in the Rickenbacker area to provide access to that major jobs center.

Fields Avenue

The Fields Avenue project consists of constructing a CNG fueling station and upgrading storage and maintenance facilities to permit CNG operations. This is critical as coach conversion to CNG has surpassed the 50% mark and it will not be feasible to operate all CNG buses out of COTA’s McKinley Avenue facility within two years. This project also addresses facility infrastructure concerns such as roof replacement, a new bus wash, new vehicle maintenance equipment and facilities, new facilities maintenance spaces and charging infrastructure for future electric bus operations.

McKinley Avenue Bus and Maintenance Facility: Compressed Natural Gas Renovation

The McKinley Avenue renovation project is the final phase, completing design efforts in 2020. COTA is committed to protecting the environment and advancing the electrification of the Central Ohio region. The Fields Avenue and McKinley Avenue facility renovation projects include work to facilitate the operation of electric charging and service of electric buses. Learn more from our McKinley Avenue Compressed Natural Gas Fact Sheet.

Rickenbacker Area Mobility Center (RAMC)

The Rickenbacker Area Mobility Center (RAMC) is a conceptual transit center that is expected to be built in 2022. It is envisioned as a mobility center connecting COTA fixed-route service with various workforce shuttle options, including the Groveport Rickenbacker Employee Access Transit (GREAT) as well as an interface with public transportation from Fairfield and Pickaway counties. RAMC is envisioned as a partnership between the State of Ohio, COTA, the Columbus Regional Airport Authority and various county and local municipality stakeholders.

Strategic Land Purchase

Population growth, volatile gas prices and an increased awareness of potential cost savings and environmental benefits derived from the use of public transit remain strong factors for development of future Park & Rides. COTA maintains a network of Park & Rides which allow commuters heading to Downtown to leave their vehicles and board the bus for the remainder of the journey. Within the last three years, COTA has constructed the Northland Transit Center, Northern Lights and Canal Winchester Park & Rides. COTA owns or leases 25 Park & Ride facilities serving the bus network.

COTA will continue to purchase property to be used for Park & Rides, future facilities or expansions to existing facilities, operating corridors and any property that provides transportation or development options in the region.

COTA has programmed $46.8 million of local funds in the 2020-2024 TIP for strategic investment planning and acquisitions that provide transportation or development options in the region.

Bus Stop Maintenance

Finally, bus stops are the gateway to the COTA system. As such, COTA will continue to pursue capital investments at bus stops like shelters, benches and trash cans. COTA will continue to work with local governments to improve sidewalk connections and ADA accessibility at and around our bus stops.