Engaging within our communities

Including You Makes Us Better

To ensure we’re delivering the best service and truly helping all our communities move forward, COTA continually engages in a variety of outreach activities. This means we not only work to give the community more features and services, we also focus on on finding opportunities to connect with everyone to better understand what is needed. Some of our outreach efforts include:

  • offering extra services
  • providing service for special events
  • conducting public meetings
  • keeping the community informed

In 2017, we held a number of events and provided a variety of informative messages when we worked on our Transit System Redesign (TSR), which features simplified routes, increased frequency, provided connections to more places and reduced bus congestion downtown. During that network redesign, we planned and executed a robust customer and stakeholder outreach campaign. Those efforts included:

  • Signage at every bus stop notifying customers of the upcoming changes
  • Visits to elected officials, area commissions, neighborhood leaders and community groups to share information about the new network
  • Public meetings to help customers learn how their routes would change

Another example of our Outreach efforts is our Travel Training program, an educational tool that helps new customers understand how to use COTA. If you, an organization or someone you know could benefit from travel training, please reach out to us at 614-308-4355. You can also visit our Travel Training page to learn more.