Long Range Plans & Vision 2050

Shifting COTA Into the Future

Moving Our Neighborhoods Toward 2050

Moving every life forward is COTA’s vision for developing and growing to best serve Central Ohio. With technological advancements and trends in transportation constantly developing, COTA is committed to evolving. We strive to do this by focusing on customer values and providing a service for Central Ohio residents from all walks of life.

We are committed to being more than a transit agency. Our strategic plan is a five-year blueprint and constant reminder of this commitment, and our goals and values. To ensure success and keep our overall mission at the forefront of our decisions, we have developed four guiding principles:

  • Improve the customer experience
  • Achieve organizational excellence
  • Provide access to mobility options
  • Prioritize the use of data and analytics

Download COTA’s Strategic Plan to learn more.

Moving Life Forward by 2024

COTA has updated our Short (5-year) and Long-Range (30-year) transit plans as part of a united strategy for the future of Central Ohio mobility. Our plans will guide local, state and federal funding decisions over the coming years and decades.

As Central Ohio continues to experience rapid population and job growth, COTA is transforming itself to meet the area’s growing mobility demands. Our Short- and Long-Range plans include rethinking the status quo, making the most of technology and expanding mobility opportunities. You can read our Executive Summary to learn more.

Discover Our Plans

Our Short- and Long-Range transit plans lay a foundation for federal and state investment in projects that will transform Central Ohio Transportation. These plans are the guiding principles of our Long Range 2050 Strategic Plans, which is centered on “Moving Every Life Forward.”

  • Our Short-Range Transit Plan (SRTP) outlines plans for improvements to bus service and investments in buses, stops and facilities through 2024.
  • Our Long-Range Transit Plan (LRTP) prepares COTA to meet transit demand as our region grows through 2050.

To learn more, read our SRTP/LRTP document and the SRTP/LRTP Appendices, as well as the other documents that are helping to guide COTA forward.

Do You Want to Be Involved in Our Future?

COTA’s strategic plan is driven by our customers’ needs and input. Your opinions can help us do everything we can to serve Central Ohio residents. To get involved, you can start by taking the following small steps: