Buying Passes

Unlimited Trip Options

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Buying a Pass is Almost As Easy As Using It

COTA offers multiple ways to pay your fare, including passes that make it fast and easy to get onboard. Keep reading to learn where you can buy passes and how a C-pass could help you ride COTA as often as you want — for no charge. You can purchase COTA passes at the following offices, ticket vending machines and retail locations. We have up to 400 retail locations you can visit to add funds to your COTA account. Choose VIDAPAY or VanillaDirect below to search for one near you!

VIDAPAY retail locations | VanillaDirect retail locations

Location Phone Number
Customer Experience Center & Guest Services
33 North High Street, Columbus, 43215 614-228-1776
Ticket Vending Machines
Easton Transit Center, 4260 Stelzer Road, Columbus, 43230 614-228-1776
33 North High Street, Columbus, 43215 614-228-1776
South Terminal, Rich St, Columbus, 43215 614-228-1776
John Glenn International Airport (Arrivals), 4600 International Gateway, Columbus, 43219 614-228-1776
Spring Street Terminal, 33 W Spring St, Columbus, 43215 614-228-1776
Northland Transit Center, 5495 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, 43231 614-228-1776
Kroger Locations (CASH ONLY)
1350 N. High St., Columbus, 43201 614-294-5684
2990 Crown Plaza, Columbus, 43220 614-326-5645
2000 E. Main St., Columbus, 43209 614-252-0761
3600 Soldana Blvd., Columbus, 43228 614-279-8989
3417 N. High St., Columbus, 43214 614-263-1766
2161 Eakin Rd., Columbus, 43223 614-274-7717
199 Graceland Blvd., Columbus, 43214 614-410-1095
1955 W. Henderson Rd., Columbus, 43220 614-457-1825
2525 Hilliard-Rome Rd., Columbus, 43026 614-771-4174
3675 E. Broad St., Columbus, 43213 614-237-0076
1745 Morse Rd., Columbus, 43229 614-405-9400
1375 Chambers Rd., Columbus, 43212 614-488-1116
2913 Olentangy River Rd., Columbus, 43214 614-265-2800
1441 Parsons Ave., Columbus, 43207 614-445-5727
4485 Refugee Rd., Columbus, 43232 614-861-4578
6962 E. Main St., Columbus, 43068 614-866-5336
3637 S. High St., Columbus, 43207 614-492-1077
7625 Sawmill Rd., Dublin, 43016 614-923-2333
55 W. Schrock Rd., Columbus, 43081 614-890-8660
5800 W. Broad St., Columbus, 43119 614-870-4350
850 S. Hamilton Rd., Columbus, 43213 614-759-2745
1425 Worthington Center Dr., Columbus, 43085 614-841-7410
60 Worthington Mall, Columbus, 43085 614-885-3889
150 W. Sycamore St., Columbus, 43215 614-340-7979
2474 Stringtown Rd., Grove City, 43123 614–875–1676
3588 Gender Rd., Canal Winchester, 43110 614-920-7400
5161 Hampstead Village Center, New Albany, 43054 614-855-8665
Giant Eagle Locations
2801 N. High St., Columbus, 43202 614-268-0976
2250 E. Main St. Bexley, 43209 614-591-6635
840 W. 3rd Ave., Columbus, 43212 614-294-2186
280 E. Whittier St., Columbus, 43206 614-443-6575
4780 W. Broad St., Columbus, 43228 614-878-8710
Columbus State Community College Bookstore
283 Cleveland Ave., Columbus, 43215 614-287-2427

Downtown Workers Can Go More Places for Less

The C-pass program gives people who work downtown a way to get around the city—for free. Eligible workers can use their C-pass any day, any time, on any route, at no cost to them or their employer.

How much is a C-pass?
The C-pass is free, thanks to a partnership between COTA, the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission and downtown property owners of the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District.

Who’s eligible for a C-pass?
You can get a C-pass if your employer is participating and you work in eligible buildings within the Capital Crossroads Special Improvement District. Some, though not all, Franklin County and City of Columbus employees also qualify. To verify your eligibility, check with your employer or HR representative and check the list of eligible addresses. You can also contact a C-pass representative at 614-591-4184 or

How do I register for a C-pass?
Employees should contact their Human Resources manager to register. Employers interested in signing up employees can get started by registering on the secure member portal.

How do I get my transit pass?
To pay your fare and board COTA buses, you will need a special C-pass credential. When your company account manager creates your C-pass account, they can enable your C-pass credential by choosing a COTA photo ID or smartphone option. The photo ID option requires you to pick up your smart card and the smartphone option requires downloading the COTA Connector app on your Android or Apple device.

If I already have a monthly pass and am eligible for a C-pass, can I get a refund for my monthly pass?
Refunds will not be issued for monthly passes.

Can I opt out of the C-pass program at any time?
Yes, you can. Simply notify your company account manager and they will remove you from the member portal.

How long is my C-pass valid?
Your C-pass will be active through December 31, 2025, as long as you are working for an eligible employer.

What happens if I leave my job?
Your pass will be deactivated on your last day of employment with an eligible company. If you begin employment with another eligible employer in downtown Columbus, your new employer will need to create a new account for you.

Can my family ride COTA with C-pass too?
No. Only the eligible employee can use C-pass.

What if I take the bus to work but then suddenly need to run home?
You can use the Emergency Ride Home program, a free service that assures commuters they won’t be stranded at work in the case of an emergency, illness or unexpected overtime.

Where can I find more information on C-pass?
You can visit or call 614-591-4184 to speak with a C-pass representative.