Supporting Team COTA in Health & Wellness

We are committed to supporting our employees’ health as they serve the community and realize our shared mission to connect people to prosperity through innovation, dedication and teamwork. Through COTA Cares, we strive to help Team COTA prioritize their health and wellness along the way.

2024 Open Enrollment

Wellness Support & Resources

Employee Discounts & Perks

Choose your Benefits for the 2024 Calendar Year

Open Enrollment is from October 18 to November 10. All employees must complete the open enrollment process, even if not electing coverage.

Team COTA cares. We care about every employee’s mental, emotional, and physical health. For 2024 Open Enrollment, we are requiring all employees to complete the enrollment process, even if not electing coverage. This ensures accurate benefit elections and allows every employee to update personal records. Our providers for 2024 will remain unchanged.

Join us at our Resource Fair or during our office hours to learn more about your benefits and how to enroll. We look forward to supporting Team COTA with 2024 benefit elections!

Resource Fair:

Wednesday, October 18 | 10am-3pm | Fields

Thursday, October 19 | 10am-4pm | McKinley

Tuesday, October 24 | 10am-4pm | McKinley

Wednesday, October 25 | 10am-4pm | Fields

Thursday, October 26 | 10am-2pm | 33 N High

Wednesday, November 1st | 5:30am-8am, 11am-4pm, 6pm-9pm | McKinley

Thursday, November 2nd | 11am-4pm | Fields

Tuesday, November 7th | 10am-2pm | 33 N High

Wednesday, November 8th | 5:30am-8am, 11am-4pm, 6pm-9pm | Fields

Thursday, November 9th | 10am-4pm | McKinley

Office Hours:

Monday, McKinley 11 a.m.-2 p.m. in the Payroll Office

Thursday, Fields 11 a.m.-2 p.m. in the HR Office

Wellness Support & Resources

Healthy Ways Platform

Meet with COTA’s Dedicated Wellness Coach

Through COTA Cares, we offer access to a dedicated wellness coach and wellness coaches platform. The program helps participants achieve lifestyle changes, manage their wellness and more, all confidentially and assisted by a certified wellness coach.


Bachelor of Science in Medical Dietetics

Ohio State University Accredited Nutritionist

Marcia believes that small changes lead to lifelong healthy change. Prior to joining COTA as our Wellness Coach, Marcia owned her own health and wellness company where she assisted individuals in one-on-one and group sessions to achieve their nutrition, health and wellbeing goals. She has experience coaching across a wide variety of topics and ensuring individuals receive the support and encouragement they need to succeed.

Outside of work, Marcia enjoys biking, baking, and spending time with her adult children, friends, and grandpup, Paco.

Schedule Time with Our Coach

COTA employees can easily schedule time to meet with Marcia online.


COTA’s Employee Assistance Program Through Matrix

Enhanced Help When You Need It

COTA is now offering employees enhanced services through Matrix. If you’re struggling, looking for advice or need someone to talk to, you can turn to the Employee Assistance Program for psychological counseling as well as expert advice on legal, financial and childcare issues.

All COTA employees can access:

  • An increased eight Employee Assistance Program Counseling Sessions
  • A 24/7 crisis line ready to support you at any time
  • Financial, legal and childcare oriented Learning Sessions

Three Ways to Access Support

  1. Call 614-475-9500 or 1-800-886-1171.
  2. Submit an appointment request through the Matrix Mobile App (available on both Apple App Store and Google Play).
  3. Reach out through

For more information on this program and its updates, please contact Tille Woods at

All Matrix services are confidential unless you authorize release to your supervisor for work-related performance issues.

Employee Discounts & Perks

Save Where It Matters, When It Matters

Give yourself peace of mind with meaningful savings on your frequent purchases through your COTA Discount and Perk Programs.

Tickets at Work

TicketsatWork has exclusive discounts and special offers for theme parks, attractions, Broadway shows, special events, hotels, concerts, and movie tickets. Save on amazing experiences!

Perk Spot

This platform helps you save when and where it matters to you by showing you the most relevant and meaningful offers. From local deals to nationwide brands to discounts overseas, there’s something for everyone.