COTA Connector

Your Cash-Free Way to Pay

COTA Connector allows you to load funds at your convenience. Log in or register your card for added protection against loss and theft.

*IMPORTANT-At this time, period passes (7-day, 31-day, etc.) are NOT available for purchase in the COTA Connector app. 

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Load Money: You can add funds to your COTA Connector App by tapping “My Connector” and “Add Funds” using credit or a debit card. Other loading options coming soon.

Scan and Ride: Simply open your COTA Connector App, tap “My Connector,” tap “Pay As You Go,” and select your pass. After you choose your pass, a QR code will pop-up. Scan your code on the farebox and ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my COTA Connector to Pay for Another Person?

Yes. You can pay for another person traveling with you by using the “Pay As You Go” balance on your COTA Connector App. Just notify the operator that you will be paying for another person and tap when instructed. PAPER TRANSFERS WILL STILL BE ISSUED!!

Do You Have Another Option for Cashless Payment, Besides the COTA Connector App?

Yes. Along with the COTA Connector App, we also have the COTA Connector Card that you can order online at or visit our Customer Experience Center. Call Customer Care at 614-228-1776 for more information about getting a COTA Connector Card.

Where Can I Check my Balance?

On the COTA Connector App. When you scan on the bus, on the farebox screen your balance is shown briefly.

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