Short North C-pass

Save on Transportation with Unlimited COTA Access in the Short North

COTA has teamed up with our partners at the Short North Alliance to bring back the Short North C-pass Program, which offers unlimited, monthly fixed-route COTA access to those who work in the Short North at no cost.

This program is made possible thanks to the generosity of Short North employers and residences.

Move With C-pass Now

The C-pass program is now live! Sign up today and download the Transit app to start saving on your daily commute and downtown travel.


  1. Visit and click “SHORT NORTH C-PASS SIGN UP”.
  2. Download the Transit app on your smartphone and register with the same email you plan to use to sign up for C-pass.
  3. Click “Buy” on the Transit app’s home screen and follow the prompts to create your COTA account. You can skip adding a payment method.
  4. Find your account ID, which you’ll use to register for the program in the form at
  5. Finish filling out your form and click “Submit.”

That’s it! Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation email from the Short North Alliance and then you’re ready to ride.


Your C-pass is attached to your Transit app ID, which means you just have to scan the Transit app when you board a COTA vehicle at the validator to ride. You won’t see a balance in-app, but you can view your pass any time via the Transit app or the online web portal at


We’re here to help! Contact COTA Customer Care.