Introducing COTA MagnusCards (Moving Every Life Forward)

COTA, Magnusmode and Bridgeway Academy have partnered on a new digital tool to make transit more accessible for all.

What is MagnusCards?

MagnusCards is an innovative mobile app designed to help autistic and neurodiverse people gain independence in their daily activities via step-by-step guides and positive reinforcement.

Download the Free MagnusCards App

For more details about the free app, visit the MagnusCards site.


Where do I find COTA MagnusCards?

The ‘Travel’ section of the MagnusCards app. You can also search ‘COTA.’


What does the app actually do?

The MagnusCards app uses visual cues, step-by-step instructions and optional audio in either English or Spanish to guide users through the transit process.


How does COTA know their MagnusCards work?

We successfully piloted our MagnusCards with students, staff and participants at Bridgeway Academy, a nonprofit educational center that specializes in working with the neurodiverse community.


Can anyone use MagnusCards?

Yes! While the MagnusCards app was created with autistic and neurodiverse people in mind, many neurotypical people also find the app very helpful.


Where can I submit feedback or an idea for a new set of COTA MagnusCards?

For feedback and suggestions, please send an email to